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The news collective: a history and some info on each of us

Linn WashingtonLinn Washington

Washington ended a two-state/three-school college sojourn at Temple University. Too broke to return to Pittsburgh after graduation he stayed in Philadelphia working in newspapers. Journalism was not quite the mega-salaried career he had envisioned, but it’s a career that has provided extraordinary experiences, insights and travel. A columnist for the historic Philadelphia Tribune, the nation’s oldest African-American owned newspaper, Washington is also Associate Professor of Journalism at Temple, where he co-directs the Multimedia Urban Reporting Lab that sends J-students into neighborhoods in search of stories the local establishment media ignore. In addition to his Temple degrees, Washington holds a law degree from the Yale University.

Jess Guh, the latest member of the TCBH! Collective, hails from a home just outside of Philadelphia where two Taiwanese immigrants were delightfully surprised to have raised a queer, outspoken radical. She attended Stanford University where she officially majored in film and unofficially majored in activism, Ultimate Frisbee, co-op living, and consensus decision making. Deciding that medicine could be the perfect union of her nerdy self and her passion for community well being, she went to medical school at the University of Michigan. She moved to Seattle for her residency in Family Medicine and has been living there ever since. Currently she works as a primary care physician at a community health center dedicated to serving people that the American healthcare system has traditionally ignored.

Dr. Jess GuhDr. Jess Guh

Spurred by the egregious health inequities that she witnesses on a daily basis, as well as her own experiences as a minority in the medical profession, she has found her voice through writing. She has also presented nationally about the impacts of race and implicit bias on medical outcomes and consults on strategies to diversify the medical workforce.

She also writes at her personal blog:

Lori Spencer is a veteran journalist from Austin, Texas. Over the past 25 years, her work has appeared in numerous local newspapers, national magazines, news portals and blogs.

Also a well-known musician and recording artist, Lori writes about politics under a pen name so that her band's Republican fans won't throw tomatoes at the stage.

Lori came to TCBH! initially in early October 2011 after the mega media corporation she worked for laid off 7,000 workers. Overnight, she found herself amongst the growing throngs of the 99% – just as the Occupy Movement was getting underway.

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