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NEWS FLASH!: With Five Million Votes Still Uncounted and/or Unreported in the Democratic Primary, Sanders Could Still Win California!

Demand that results be reported as the ballots are counted


FLASH! The Los Angeles Times, actually a Hillary Clinton backer, reports that not just under 3.5 million votes, as reported on election night, but 8.5 million votes were actually cast in the California Democratic primary -- a turnout of 47%. According to the LA Times article, the Secretary of State of California, Alex Padilla, concedes that 2.5 million of those votes, mostly mail-in ballots from young people and hispanic voters, or Bernie's strongpoint, have been counted, and another 2 million have yet to be counted by local county officials.

But Padilla has also suspiciously not reported on what the results were of those other millions of votes that have been counted thus far since election day. (This even though his office did report the count of early mail-in votes on election day before people had even finished voting.)

All the votes are legitimate and need to be counted -- by hand. As long as a ballot was received by the end of the day Friday, June 10, and were postmarked by election day, they are valid.

The LA Times said that people should prepare to see the vote totals of not just the presidential race, but also down-ticket races, change dramatically.

A tsunami of 5 million mailed-in and provisional ballots could reverse the result of Californi's Democratic PrimaryA tsunami of 5 million mailed-in and provisional ballots could reverse the result of Californi's Democratic Primary

The problem is that the Secretary of State by law has 30 days to certify the votes and declare winners. That would be July 8! So far, most reporting on the uncounted votes has been limited to the alternative media. The NY Times and the big TV and radio news organizations haven't said a word about it. The Washington Post did mention the uncounted votes, buy scoffed at the notion that they could change the results, making the bogus argument that Clinton had won among early mail-in voters by 58-44% -- but of course she was way ahead in the polls then before Sanders really began campaigning in California, and the uncounted votes are also last-minute voters when Sanders was tied or ahead in the polls.

Don't just take my word for it. Check it out at the Los Angeles Times.

story | by Dr. Radut