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The Dumbed Down Times Columnist

Sometimes you can't believe people can write such crap


I was reading the latest smug piece by New York Times columnist Timothy Egan, when I came across the most amusing example of being what you're criticizing.

Egan, in a piece titled "The Dumbed Down Democracy," bemoaned the spreading ignorance of the American electorate.

Not only are 10 percent of Americans illiterate, Egan groaned. They're also "politically illiterate." Expressing mock astonishment, he wrote, "I give you Texas. A recent survey of Donald Trump supporters there found that 40 percent of them believe that Acorn will steal the upcoming election."

He goes on: "Acorn? News flash: That community-organizing group has been out of existence for six years. Acorn is gone, disbanded. dead. It can no more steal an election than Donald Trump can pole vault over his Mexican wall."

In Egan's view, it's those Trump voters who are ignoramuses.

Egan goes on: "We know that at least 30 million American adults cannot read. But the current presidential election may yet prove that an even bigger part of the citizenry is politically illiterate -- and functional. Which is to say, they will vote despite being unable to accept basic facts needed to process this American life."


Well, Egan says, "If Trump supporters knew that illegal immigration peaked in 2007, or that violent crime has been on a steady downward spiral nationwide for more than 20 years, they would scoff when Trump says Mexican rapists are surging across the border and crime is out of control."

Maybe he's right (though I've heard supposedly well-educated college grads tell me they believe the same stuff), but then Egan goes on to write: "If more than 16 percent of Americans could locate Ukraine on a map, it would have been a Really Big Deal when Trump said that Russia was not going to invade it -- two years after they had, in fact, invaded it."

I don't know what knowing that Ukraine shares a long border with Russia has to do with knowing Russia supposedly invaded the place in 2014 (not having a remotely shared border certainly didn't stop the US from invading Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or Syria), but in any case, Russia never invaded Ukraine. Only in the New York Times or similarly compromised corporate media would you read such bullshit propaganda.

The NY Times, in April 2014, ran this photo allegedly showing Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine, based on unverified claims bThe NY Times, in April 2014, ran this photo allegedly showing Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine, based on unverified claims by the Kiev post-coup government. The image was later shown to have been an old photo taken in Russia, not Ukraine, and the paper's ombudswoman announced it was a 2013 photo that had been taken in Russia.


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