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Identity Politics Gets Into Our Pants

Gender Politics and Political Justice

I’m a 70-year-old American male with a reasonably boring sexual history who feels the wondrous pageant of life in America is becoming more and more absurd every day -- thanks to things like exploding social media and runaway identity politics. For me, the current shaming cycle aimed at men for “sexual misconduct” is nothing short of grand opera tragicomedy dealing with revelations of things that have been occurring since the beginning of time, things overlooked until the 2016 election between a powerful feminist woman wily to the corrupt ways of politics and an arrogant, corrupt billionaire with a talent for being a fulcrum for a white, bigoted backlash of identity politics. I submit none of this sexual misconduct shaming cycle would have materialized had Hillary Clinton won the White House. All of it -- even the grotesque Harvey Weinstein -- would have remained under the proverbial rug where it has been ensconced for time immemorial.

story | by Dr. Radut