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Washington has Long Engaged in Information Warfare, Including Fake News and Trolling

I've been a target of US government propaganda attacks

But more important than ITT's lack of courage and principle was the success of the Pentagon's fake news and trolling campaign, in this case in defense of its grotesque DU weapons: as a matter of principal I had to tell ITT to take my name off their masthead, and said I would never write for such a crappy publication again. I'm confident enough in the quality of my work to say that this was totally In These Times' loss, not mine. But it's also the Pentagon's victory.

And make no mistake: the Pentagon has long been in the business of producing fake news and of trolling letters to the editor pages as a way of manipulating the news to its own advantage.

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Of course, official government propaganda -- that is the production of what is now called "fake news" and the employment of an army of paid Pentagon "trolls" or "sock puppets" to undermine journalists and their supporters online -- has continued.

In fact, back during the heat of the Iraq occupation and the Bush/Cheney administration’s efforts to lay the groundwork for a police state spying system, I heard from someone at that that organization, concerned by the number of trolls who were clogging up their comment section after articles they ran, did an investigation of the ISPs of the trolls and discovered that many of them were originating in the Department of Defense. There were plans to write an expose of this activity, but to the best of my knowledge no such article ever ran.

story | by Dr. Radut