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Pussy Grabbers and Ball Busters


Senator Al Franken, a former TV comedian who would have made an interesting presidential candidate in 2020 against our Reality TV Star In Chief, felt he had to resign. Was Franken taken down because he was a liberal male leader and, as such, unwilling to ignore a scandal and balls his way through like President Trump gets way with? In his mock breast grabbing of a sleeping Leeann Tweeden captured in an image, few seemed to consider the context: he was traveling with a notably sexy woman to an active war-zone -- like Raquel Welsh was with the Bob Hope Show in 1966 -- for her physical allure before horny US troops. It was no doubt a long, boring flight to and from the war-zone in Afghanistan, and it doesn't seem surprising things might get silly and punchy on such a trip. The publicizing of the incident feels aimed and political. Ms Tweeden is a busty model for Fredericks of Hollywood and is seen in photos nearly nude lounging over NASCAR automobile hoods. Is she really so offended by a comedian's punchy joking around; or was it a case of she just doesn't like the guy? Then again, Franken's butt-patting of female constituents as a US senator, if true, is inexcusable. So maybe resigning was the only thing to do. Like the last stanza of Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville": "I know it's my own damn fault." It’s water over the dam. He’s political history.

Back in 1966, Bob Hope arrived in a Huey circling troops collected below on a natural hillside amphitheater outside Pleiku at the Fourth Division base. We could see him waving out the open door. It was so cool; we all cheered. Of course, this was 1966, an earlier military debacle. Hope had a busty Raquel Welsh in tow, her physical attributes emphasized by her costume. Once on the ground, smiling and swinging his trademark phallic golf club, Hope made one raunchy joke after another about Welsh’s anatomy, as she did "Oh, Bob!" repartee; she even did some one-on-one cavorting with a few young GIs in the crowd -- until it became too many and the MPs had to start tossing guys off the stage. Meanwhile, those of my comrades-in-arms who were busy and could not get away for the show were out west toward the Cambodian border, or elsewhere in-country, busy killing Vietnamese men, women and children by the thousands. But that was OK; they were communists ... or gooks, zips, slopes and dinks. War is so much more messy than sex. And so much more difficult to address politically. I'm not aware of a #StopWar movement. No, wait a minute! It's called The Antiwar Movement. See how far it has gotten.

story | by Dr. Radut