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Starbucks has a Racism Problem, but the Police, both Racist and Authoritarian, are Worse

Shut up or you’re under arrest

That’s where we are today. We have to be prepared for police to injure us for doing things that are totally legal, whether it’s selling loose cigarets on a sidewalk, sitting quietly in a Starbucks, or protesting in a public square against an illegal war. That's why every young black male child gets "the talk" from his worried parents about how to act when confronted by a white cop. Too many young boys of color end up getting tased, choked or shot to death by racist thug police officers.

The only way to stop this police-state behavior by our country's copis is to resist it on every occasion, to stand as witnesses when we see cops confronting people and arresting them, to sue cities for false arrest when it happens to us, and to collectively demand action from politicians who seem to think that the way to win elections is to keep adding more crimes to the nation’s already bulging criminal codebooks, instead of to defend our freedom from official assault and abusive arrest.

story | by Dr. Radut