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What Does ‘Denuclearization’ Mean in the Negotiations for an End to the Korean War?

Ending US occupation of South Korea

My guess then is that this will be North Korea’s negotiating strategy: If Kim Jong-un cannot get the US to agree to sign a full peace agreement with his country that would include the removal of those US bases, and a multi-lateral agreement backed by China and Russia in which the US agrees not to again threaten to invade or topple the government of his country, he will hang onto his nukes as insurance policy against US attack, and will simply turn to President Moon Jae-in and try to work out a bi-lateral peace treaty.

Then, with his nuclear weapons as a bargaining chip still intact, he could rely on international pressure and pressure from the Seoul government, to force the US to shut its bases and leave South Korea.

The author was an Asia correspondent for Business Week magazine based out of that magazine’s Hong Kong bureau for five years (1992-7). He also lived in China for a year and a half and is fluent in Chinese.

story | by Dr. Radut