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Welcome to the Apocalypse

BDSM, #MeToo, Torture and the Drumbeat For War

We know very little about Ms. Haspel and her career. Most of it is secret; and as she made clear in her senate hearing, she's the one deciding what information about her will be released and what will remain secret. If asked to characterize her demeanor in the senate hearing, the words “feminine” or “delicate” do not come to mind; she comes off as a very capable, very cold-blooded individual absolutely loyal to the institution of the CIA. A friendly senator asked her about family issues and sacrifice in the CIA. Her answer was not memorable; but according to Wikipedia, her divorce after a decade of marriage to a military man came the same year she joined the CIA. We know that she intimately supervised the water-boarding torture of at least one Arab male at a black site in Thailand with the code name Cat’s Eye. She very ably finessed questions from Senators Kamala Harris and Jack Reed about morality by emphasizing over and over that at the time what she and others did was considered among members of the Bush administration to be "legal" and that she was simply a loyal agent following orders. Of course, the holocaust was technically legal, so that kind of argument is widely recognized as garbage -- except in the minds of tyrants. The fact is, the torturing she and others were doing after 9/11 was, by then, well established in international circles as illegal, which should make her and others war criminals. But given we live in a moment of runaway selective enforcement up and down the judicial system, people like Gina Haspel are walking around free and touted as great Americans in the highest circles of the imperium. A West Point graduate, Senator Reed did get her to pause and twitch subtly when he quietly asked: If a CIA agent was captured and water-boarded, would that be “immoral”? She suggested, yes, it would be -- because terrorists are immoral. Reed pointed out the flaw in her logic. But, by then, she had composed herself and the cold-blooded, loyal agent returned, and her answer became foggy and legalistic.

It was clear this woman was very capable of running the CIA, a place where morality always gets a low priority. Torture is OK after something like 9/11, because we were scared and desperate and had to reinforce the unquestioned fundamental American value of world domination. If Muslim Arabs furious over US actions in the Middle East, on the other hand, employ torture, it’s immoral because they’re immoral. Next question.

story | by Dr. Radut